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Thuraya SatSleeve

The Thuraya SatSleeve packs a whole lot of innovation into a sleek and elegant form factor. It supports the diverse communications needs of smartphone users - from corporate and NGO users to frequent travelers and adventurous explorers.

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Thuraya XT-LITE

The Thuraya XT-LITE provides reliable satellite phone connectivity with unbeatable value. It is designed for cost-conscious users who need to stay securely connected, without compromising on a clear and uninterrupted connection.

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Thuraya Atlas IP

Thuraya Atlas IP is specifically designed to deliver added value to end-users seeking enhanced connectivity and greater operational efficiency on board ships. It provides merchant maritime, fishing, government and leisure users with a purpose-designed, fully-featured maritime satellite terminal that supports voice and broadband IP data connectivity at speeds of up to 444kbps.

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Thuraya SO-2510

Thuraya SO-2510 offers satellite services exclusively in a mobile handset that is as compact and light as a small GSM phone. As the world’s smallest and lightest satellite phone ever made (weighing only 130 g and measuring 118 x 53 x 18.8 mm), Thuraya SO-2510 has redefined the perception of a satellite mobile phone.
Thuraya SG-2520

The Thuraya SG-2520 offers dynamic performance, inimitable style and built to sustain the harshest of environment and rugged usage. The SG-2520 is GmPRS enabled, offers GPS navigation capabilities and GSM connectivitiy.
Thuraya XT

The only satellite phone to meet the most demanding criteria for splash resistance, dust resistance and shock proofing, Thuraya XT combines its unparalleled phone functionality with the dependability of the Thuraya satellite network. Thuraya XT is ideal for users who operate in remote areas and harsh environments where local networks are unreliable.

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Thuraya XT-Dual

Thuraya XT-DUAL is a phone that operates efficiently both within the reach of any GSM network and when connected to the Thuraya satellite network - providing the highest flexibility to shift between available networks wherever you are.

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Thuraya IP

Delivering industry-leading IP streaming speeds of up to 384 kbps and shared speeds of up to 444 kbps, the Thuraya IP provides the reliable and portable connectivity you need. With an area no bigger than an A5 sheet of paper, the Thuraya IP goes wherever you need to, giving you instant connectivity for all your applications, including email, Internet access, VOIP calls, and more.

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Thuraya IP Voyager

Thuraya IP Voyager is a high quality vehicular satellite terminal designed for a wide range of mission-critical operations such as border patrol, defense, and disaster response in areas inadequately served by terrestrial networks. The terminal enables users to collaborate reliably and efficiently with colleagues using video, data, and VoIP to achieve mission critical tasks, where failure is not an option.

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Thuraya IP+

The most compact, lightest satellite broadband terminal of it's class. Delivering the fastest IP speeds from a terminal of its size. Thuraya IP+ is engineered to support a broad range of mission-critical applications. Highly portable, Thuraya IP+ can be easily deployed from backpack to broadband in a matter of seconds. Take advantage of Thuraya's extensive satellite network, providing reliable access from locations.

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Thuraya Orion IP

Thuraya Orion IP is a maritime-specific broadband terminal manufactured by Hughes Network Systems which supports broadband data communications at speeds up to 444kbps. Small, lightweight and easy to install, Thuraya Orion IP is suitable for both business and crew communications. The terminal has been designed for users who want to take advantage of a simple IP connection to leverage the value-added hardware and software solutions provided to them by Thuraya Service Partners.

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Thuraya Maritime Broadband

Maritime Broadband (MBB) from Thuraya MarineComms provides shipping industry customers with the connectivity they need to keep their ships running efficiently. Combining a reliable L-band service with proven hardware, Thuraya MBB provides a very competitive price proposition for maritime users who want to enjoy broadband connectivity and also keep control over costs.

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Thuraya Repeater

Thuraya Repeaters allow you to use Thuraya handsets in an indoor environment that does not have satellite coverage. They are easy to install and support voice, data/fax, SMS, and GmPRS at speeds of up to 60/15kbps (download/upload).

SAT-VDA Hands-Free Car Kit (Thuraya XT)

SAT-VDA Thuraya Hands-Free Car Kit is a premium vehicle kit for Thuraya, it ensures uninterrupted satellite service while using Thuraya XT satellite phones in vehicles.

Thuraya FDU-XT

The FDU-XT (Fixed Docking Unit) is a home/office docking adapter that allows you to use Thuraya satellite services in indoor environments. Simply connect the FDU-XT with the included antennas and dock your Thuraya XT into the cradle to enjoy all the standard satellite based services.

Seagull 5000i with FaxConnect

The Seagull 5000i is a voice, data and fax satellite terminal with a built-in GPS tracking system to keep vessels connected at sea. With the optional FaxConnect interface box, maritime operators can also send G3 faxes on a global basis. The Seagull 5000i terminal is a robust and versatile solution for small- and medium-sized fishing vessels, yachts, patrol boats and other sea vessels that require a combination of voice telephony, data, fax and tracking functions.

FaxConnect faxing via satellite

Stay Connected with Seagull 5000i

Thuraya SF2500

A robust and versatile maritime communication solution, the SF2500 is a voice satellite terminal that enables users to make voice calls through the Thuraya satellite network with ease. SF2500 combines voice capabilities, crew calling, GPS tracking, geofencing and SMS services in a compact, cost-effective package designed for small- and medium-sized vessels.

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Thuraya EnergyComms

The search for energy resources is taking onshore and offshore exploration and production into ever more remote regions and harsh environments. In these locations, energy companies rely on Thuraya mobile satellite communications to provide the voice and high-speed data links to keep their people, systems and facilities connected.
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